Aries Chemical’s Magnesium Hydroxide

Aries Chemical supplies liquid and dry magnesium hydroxide Mg(OH)2 for pH control, alkalinity addition and heavy metal precipitation. Magnesium hydroxide is an excellent neutralizer of acidic wastewater with significant benefits over caustic soda/sodium hydroxide, lime and soda ash. The fact that “milk of magnesia” is primarily magnesium hydroxide demonstrates the inherent safety involved in handling magnesium hydroxide.

Biological Treatment

Magnesium hydroxide is an excellent choice for anaerobic and aerobic biological treatment plants that require additives for pH and alkalinity control. In biological treatment plants magnesium hydroxide is a lower cost alternative to caustic soda and provides a more stable pH than either caustic soda/sodium hydroxide or lime. These benefits are due to magnesium hydroxide’s high alkalinity (acid neutralizing capacity) and pH buffering properties.

Heavy Metal Precipitation

A major advantage that magnesium hydroxide has over other neutralizing agents is enhanced precipitation of heavy metals with minimal sludge production. Unlike caustic soda and lime which form high volume gelatinous heavy metal sludge, magnesium hydroxide precipitation forms a denser more crystalline solid. Magnesium hydroxide formed sludges are denser and more easily dewatered. Those properties produce higher solids filter cakes and significantly less sludge volume than caustic soda or lime.

Magnesium Hydroxide Advantages

Caustic SodaLime
Easy and safe to handle:
non – hazardous and non – corrosive
Does not cause scaling problemsYesYesNo
Supplies more alkalinityYesNoNo
Long lasting (buffered)
alkalinity & pH control
Provides Magnesium
as a micro – nutrient
Environmentally non – toxic.
Safe for the environment when properly applied

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