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Aries Chemical can meet all of your wastewater treatment chemical needs for industrial and municipal applications. We offer water clarification chemicals and products from defoamers and polymer flocculants to inorganic and polymer organic coagulants and filter aids. Our technical specialists can consult with you to improve your treatment process, reduce costs and solve compliance problems. Aries experienced staff can also help you navigate the ever more demanding regulatory environment most firms operate in. Through our knowledge of chemicals and products used in the treatment of wastewater we will work with you to develop innovative solutions that meet your demanding needs for water suitable to use. Aries also designs and manufactures wastewater treatment equipment. Moreover our Aries Service Group can provide on-site service at your facility for water treatment system start-up, maintenance and operations. We are confident we can develop a solution that will solve your wastewater treatment issues. Send us a request or call (315) 346-1489 to speak with one of our for technicians regarding all your wastewater needs.

Product and Application Information

Here are some of the most popular wastewater treatment chemicals and products we offer industrial and municipal customers. If you have any questions on these chemicals, or anything else that may be used in the treatment of wastewater, please give us a call.

Coagulants – Inorganic and Organic

Products for coagulation of tough to treat waste streams: Food Processors, Metal Finishers, Chemical Manufacturers, Paper & Pulp Mills, Textile and Electronics Manufacturers. Improved TSS, BOD, Oil & Grease and metals removal. Inorganic, organic and blended coagulants for raw, process and wastewater treatment. Aries supplies a broad range of coagulants for process optimization. NSF, FDA and GRAS products available.


Liquid and Dry polymer flocculants for raw, process and wastewater treatment. Aries flocculants are designed to improve clarification, flotation and solids dewatering. NSF, FDA and GRAS products available.

Sludge Conditioners

Polymers, flocculants, body feeds and Sahara Process help the dewatering of sludges to achieve highest possible cake solids.


Neutralize acids and bases at lowest cost with least solids generation. Aries has a variety of acids and bases for neutralization and alkalinity control. Acids include inorganic and organic acids. Bases include caustic soda, soda ash, lime, magnesium oxide and magnesium hydroxide.

Aries Magnesium Hydroxide

Aries Magnesium Hydroxide – Mg(OH)2 – is a unique non-hazardous neutralizer of acidic wastewater. It is well suited for a variety of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment applications. Info on Magnesium Hydroxide: Economic and Performance Comparison Chart | Using Magnesium Hydroxide for Biological Treatment | Magnesium Hydroxide Tech Bulletin | Electrical Equipment Manufacturer Case Study | Biological Treatment of Wastewater Case Study | Comparison of Regulatory Requirements For Aries Magnesium Hydroxide Slurry vs. Caustic Soda

Heavy Metal Precipitants

Aries Chembreak and Precipmet products provide metals removal to ultra-low ppb concentrations.


Aries complete defoamer line eliminates foam from all processes: food processors, pulp & paper, textile, automotive and metal finishers. Food grade defoamers available.

Filter Aids

Unique products to improve filtration and dewatering rates. DE, Perlite and Cellulose Filter Aids to improve filtration and dewatering rates.

Activated Carbon and Organoclay

Powdered and granular products for removal of highly soluble contaminants including BOD, COD, pesticides, PCBs and colors.

Odor Control Agents

A variety of chemicals and systems to control obnoxious odors. Products to control sulfide, sulfur and anaerobic/septic based odors.


AriKleen cleaners for all situations including RO and UF. AriKleen product line includes general purpose, degreasers, alkaline, acidic and chlorinated cleaners.

Oxidizing and Reducing Agents

Aries offers a variety of oxidizing and reducing agents for applications such as hexavalent chromium reduction and sulfide and chlorine oxidation.

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Case Studies

Aries Chemical supplies a complete line of inorganic and organic chemicals for wastewater treatment. Whatever your business is that needs treatment of wastewater, Aries can supply you with the proper treatment products and application expertise. Aries’ systematic approach to each unique situation will utilize the latest technology to ensure that your facility remains in compliance at the lowest costs. NSF certification is available for drinking water applications.

For more information on our wastewater treatment chemicals such as our line of defoamers, sludge conditioners, coagulants and filter aids, contact us through the form below.

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