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Aries offers an array of equipment for onsite water treatment pilots. Aries can design and combine this equipment to provide a pilot for an entire treatment process. We have experience with building pilot equipment including ion exchange (IX), reverse osmosis (RO), ultra filtration (UF), gravity clarification, Inclined Plate Clarification (IPC), Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF), Recessed Chamber Filter Press, wastewater tanks and Belt Filter Press. Examples of process that can be piloted include raw water clarification, pure water treatment, water recycle & reuse, chemical/physical & biological wastewater treatment and produced water treatment.

Recently we have designed pilot equipment and systems for a skid mounted wastewater treatment system, mixed bed bioreactor biological wastewater treatment system, DAF and RO systems and a pilot filter press.

For more information on reverse osmosis water filter systems, groundwater remediation and monitoring, water treatment systems and tanks, and magnesium hydroxide wastewater treatment, call (315) 346-1489 or contact us below. We look forward to getting started on a pilot design for your business. We also provide solutions within the sewage treatment process and many other wastewater instances within industrial and municipal environments

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Aries Chemical: Water Treatment Chemicals, Equipment And Services

Aries Chemical: Water Treatment Chemicals, Equipment And Services