Commercial & Institutional Building Water And Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Aries has decades of experience in helping building owners, facility managers and maintenance groups improve and maintain their water treatment programs. Aries sells and service water treatment chemicals and equipment for Boiler and Cooling water systems. Aries provides Legionella control programs for commercial and institutional buildings. Contact us to learn more.

Take a look at the solutions Aries provides for commercial and institutional buildings:

Chemicals For Water And Wastewater Treatment

Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals

Deposit & Scale control Corrosion control, Oxygen Scavengers, Condensate return line corrosion inhibitors, Descalers, Boiler pretreatment and feed equipment, and Defoamers.

Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals

Deposit & Corrosion control, Microbiocides, Dispersants, Descalers, and Feed equipment.

Closed Loop Treatment Chemicals

Deposit & Corrosion control, Microbiocides, Dispersants, Descalers, and Feed equipment.

Membrane Chemicals

UF & MF pretreatment chemicals, RO & NF pretreatment chemicals, Antiscalents and Dispersants, Microbiocides, and MemKleen Cleaners.

Pure Water Systems

Carbon Filters

Activated carbon filters for organic and chlorine removal.

Water Softeners

Removes water hardness to reduce RO or NF membrane fouling.


Chemical or ultraviolet based disinfection systems.

Cleaning Systems

Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems for membrane filtration equipment.

Reverse Osmosis & Nano Filtration

Membrane systems for removal of dissolved solids Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Nano Filtration.

Micro & Ultra Filtration

Micro and Ultra Filtration for process separation, pure water, water reuse and wastewater treatment. Micro/Ultra Filtration Systems Technical Bulletin.

DI Exchange Systems

Deionization tank exchange and regeneration service for pure water.

Chemical Feed And Control Equipment


Chemical feed pumps for water and wastewater treatment

Chemical Feed Controllers & PLC

Chemical Feed Control systems including PLC, control panels, pH, ORP and conductivity controllers.


Plastic, fiberglass, mild & stainless steel and glass-lined tanks.

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