Potable Water Treatment Chemicals

potable water treatment chemicals

Our full line of potable water treatment chemicals are AWWA/NSF approved. Let us help with your water treatment system – everything from problems improving coagulation and turbidity, to improved distribution-system corrosion control. The extensive Aries water treatment chemical product line is supported by our team of water treatment specialists. Our potable water treatment chemicals and systems will improve your process by utilizing our full capabilities from bench-scale laboratory testing thru pilot scale studies to full scale trials.

To speak with a technician about our potable water treatment chemicals, call (315) 346-1489 or send us a note.

Product and Application Information

Potable Water Treatment Products

Filter Aids

Diatomaceous Earth and Perlite Filter Aids for Raw Water Filtration.


Inorganic and organic polymer coagulants for wastewater treatment to improve filtration and clarification. Product line includes aluminum and iron based coagulants along with polymer based polyamine and poly DADMACs. Custom blended products available.


Polyacrylamide polymer flocculants to aid clarification in potable water systems.

Corrosion Inhibitors

Corrosion Inhibitors designed for use in water distribution systems. Ortho and poly-phosphates and zinc orthophosphates.

Activated Carbon

Powdered and Granular Activated Carbon Grades for organic removal.

Scale Inhibitors

Scale Inhibitors for potable water Ultra Filtration Nano Filtration and RO membrane systems.

Ion Exchange Resins

Ion exchange resin for metal removal including Arsenic.


Liquid and dry disinfection agents including sodium hypochlorite bleach and chlorine dioxide.

What chemicals are used to make water safe to drink?

Chemicals used to make municipal water safe to drink are usually referred to as disinfectant chemicals. These are normally chlorine based chemicals which can be added in several forms such as chlorine gas, bleach, chlorine dioxide, or chloramines. It is important to control the levels of chlorine based disinfectants through testing free and total chlorine (halogen levels in the water). Recommended drinking water levels of chlorine are regulated by EPA.

Aries Chemical is a leader in innovative potable water treatment chemicals and systems. Let us know your situation and we’ll research whether a chemical based solution with coagulants and scale inhibitors is best, or if changes in your process make provide the outcome you desire. All our water treatment systems and services are designed and engineered to produce results for you.

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