Sustainable Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Sustainability and Environmental Policy

Aries Chemical was founded in 1985 with the goal of helping each customer improve and control their water and wastewater treatment processes. Since then Aries Chemical has grown into a company whose core business is helping firms develop sustainable products and processes. Aries has done that by supplying products for environmental compliance, water & energy conservation and chemical processing aids. Those products and services include wastewater treatment chemicals & equipment, boiler & cooling water treatment products, systems for water recycle & reuse and process aids for pulp & paper, mining and oil & gas.

Aries Chemical’s goal is to be an environmentally sound firm that understands and strives to be sustainable. Aries Chemical’s top management is committed to using environmentally sound and sustainable practices in all facets of our business. Those efforts will make Aries Chemical a more successful business that adds value to our customers. Aries Chemical will design products and processes that reduce the use of energy, water and materials. Aries Chemical will encourage the development of products and processes based upon the use of renewable and recyclable resources.

Aries Sustainability Solutions

Aries Chemical is committed to providing water and energy solutions to help make our customers more sustainable. Aries has decades of experience helping our customers reduce their environmental impact and become more sustainable by supplying high quality chemicals and equipment for water treatment, wastewater treatment & reuse and as process aids in the pulp & paper, mining and oil & gas industries. Aries’ unique strategy of supplying both water treatment chemicals and equipment allows us to be better prepared to understand our customers’ sustainability needs.

Aries Sustainable Solutions Include:

Environmental Solutions: Wastewater treatment chemicals, equipment and application expertise to help our customers minimize their environmental impact. The ability to develop wastewater treatment and wastewater recycle & reuse processes and systems. Groundwater treatment chemicals and environmentally sound paper making chemical additives.

Wastewater Recycle And Reuse: Aries designs, manufactures and installs wastewater recycle and reuse systems. Aries follows a systematic approach to develop the optimum wastewater recycle and reuse system. That approach includes on-site surveys, goal development, laboratory analysis, laboratory simulations (treatability studies), pilot studies, manufacturing, system installation and on site start up support.

Water Conservation Solutions: Boiler and cooling water treatment programs that help our customers minimize their water usage. Products for wastewater recycle & reuse including ion exchange, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and evaporation.

Energy Conservation Solutions: Boiler and cooling water treatment programs designed to maximize heat transfer, so our customer minimizes their energy costs. Paper making chemical additives to reduce paper making energy demand through improved drying.

Economic Solutions: Aries strives to provide high quality products and expertise at reasonable prices thus making our customers more competitive in their marketplace. Moreover, Aries’ products and expertise help our customer create value and protect their capital assets.

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