Are High Caustic Soda Prices Messing With Your Budget?

magnesium hydroxide

Caustic Soda prices have risen to unprecedented levels. Truckload costs for Caustic Soda (sodium hydroxide) are currently greater than $1,000 to $1,200 per dry ton. Just a year ago costs were one–half of this amount.

Aries Magnesium Hydroxide may be your answer. It can reduce your wastewater neutralization costs dramatically. That’s because you will typically use 27% less Magnesium Hydroxide than Caustic Soda/sodium hydroxide. That’s on top of the fact that Magnesium Hydroxide will cost less!

Economic and Performance Comparisons for Aries 100 Magnesium Hydroxide and Caustic Soda

Comparison BasisCaustic Soda
Sodium Hydroxide
Aries 100
Magnesium Hydroxide
Product form50% solution – NaOH60% solids slurry – Mg(OH)2
Raw material cost
(ton per ton basis)
Fluctuates widely with supply; often more expensive than Mg(OH)2Generally competitive with caustic soda; pricing consistent
Alkali requirement:
✓ per ton H2SO4
✓ per ton HCl
✓ per ton HNO3
NaOH Consumption vs. Mg(OH)2

1630 dry lb.
2190 dry lb.
1270 dry lb.
27% more


1190 dry lb.
1600 dry lb.
921 dry lb.

Capital investmentCost associated with safety considerations; no agitated tank required; freeze protection needed for 50% causticAgitated storage tank required
Residence timeExtremely fast acting to complete neutralizationModerately fast acting to 95% of neutralization; more controllable process
Maximum pH in overtreatment149
Sludge producedHigh volume, gel-like with heavy metalsDense, low volume with heavy metals; easier to dewater
SafetyHazardous material requiring rigorous safety procedures. Sara 313 listed.Non-hazardous material
EnvironmentalSodium ion discharge; can easily overshoot desired pHBuffers at pH 9

Magnesium Hydroxide and Caustic Soda comparison chart

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Aries Technical Sales Staff is available to perform a site survey to determine Magnesium Hydroxide’s applicability to your process. Aries can provide a complete Magnesium Hydroxide feed and control system for trials. Aries technical staff can design a permanent Magnesium Hydroxide storage, feed and control system for your facility.