Chemical Solutions, Equipment And Systems For The Pulp And Paper Industry

Aries has decades of experience in the pulp and paper industry helping companies improve their paper making, water and wastewater treatment processes. Aries offers a full line of process aids and functional additives for pulp and paper making. Aries also offers a full line of water and wastewater treatment chemicals and equipment. We partner with companies to help improve manufacturing efficiencies, maintain compliance and lower their operating costs. Contact us to learn more.

Take a look at the solutions Aries provides for the pulp and paper industry:

Pulp And Papermaking Chemicals: Process Aids And Functional Additives


Aries AriKleen cleaners are specially designed for paper making including, continuous felt washes, boil-out, felt and wire cleaners, downtime machine cleaning and roll release aids. Aries selects the best cleaner using laboratory deposit studies and cleaning studies along with on-site testing. On site testing includes felt scans and cleaner titrations. Cleaners Product Bulletin.


Aries offers a full line of defoamers for pulp and paper making including water based, water-extended, synthetic, oil-based and silicone. An extensive product line includes FDA compliant and Food Grade defoamers. Defoamers Product Bulletin.

Retention – Drainage Aids

Aries retention and drainage aids includes microparticles, coagulants and flocculants. Unique products designed for the most difficult furnishes. Aries extensive product line includes FDA complaint and Food Grade products. Retention – Drainage Aids Product Bulletin.


Aries polymer line includes coagulants, flocculants, drainage aids, retention aids and sludge conditioners for raw water treatment, pulping, wet end, save all and wastewater treatment. Food grade and GRAS polymers are included in Aries product line. Polymers Product Bulletin.


Biocides and fungicides for microbiological control throughout the pulp and paper making process. Aries product line includes oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides. Aries can provide on-site and laboratory biocide efficacy testing to select the optimum biocide program. Biocides Product Bulletin.

Strength Additives

Wet and dry strength additives for tissue, towel and packaging applications. Specially formulated products to meet unique requirements. Aries product line includes permanent and temporary wet strengths. Dry Strength Product Bulletin | Wet Strength Product Bulletin

Sizing Agents

Aries offers a full range of sizing agents for paper and paperboard manufacturing. Aries product line includes surface and internal sizing chemistries to help papermakers improve water holdout, printing properties and fluid repellency. Sizing Agents Product Bulletin.

Softeners, Debonders and Absorbency Aids

Aries offers a variety of debonders / softeners designed to enhance product bulk and softening. Aries’ absorbency aids are designed to enhance product performance. Aries products can be specially formulated to provide optimum properties for all types of pulp and furnishes.

Dye Fixatives

Aries’ AriFix products are a comprehensive line of dye fixatives for anionic dye stuffs and pigments. AriFix products improve dye fixation, reduce dye costs, improve color intensity and uniformity. They also minimize color related machine cleaning and wastewater treatment issues. Dye Fixative Product Bulletin.

Chemicals For Water And Wastewater Treatment

Coagulants – Inorganic and Organic

Products for coagulation of tough to treat waste streams. Inorganic, organic and blended coagulants for raw, process and wastewater treatment. Aries supplies a broad range of coagulants for process optimization. NSF, FDA and GRAS products available.


Liquid and Dry flocculants for raw, process and wastewater treatment. Aries flocculants are designed to improve clarification, flotation and solids dewatering. NSF, FDA and GRAS products available.

Sludge Conditioners

Polymers, flocculants, body feeds and Sahara Process help the dewatering of sludges to achieve highest possible cake solids.


Neutralize acids and bases at lowest cost with least solids generation. Aries has a variety of acids and bases for neutralization and alkalinity control. Acids include inorganic and organic acids. Bases include caustic soda, soda ash, lime, magnesium oxide and magnesium hydroxide.

Aries Magnesium Hydroxide

Aries Magnesium Hydroxide – Mg(OH)2 – is a unique non-hazardous neutralizer of acidic wastewater. It is well suited for a variety of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment applications. Info on Magnesium Hydroxide: Economic and Performance Comparison Chart | Using Magnesium Hydroxide for Biological Treatment | Magnesium Hydroxide Tech Bulletin | Electrical Equipment Manufacturer Case Study | Biological Treatment of Wastewater Case Study | Comparison of Regulatory Requirements For Aries Magnesium Hydroxide Slurry vs. Caustic Soda


Aries complete defoamer line eliminates foam from all processes: food processors, pulp & paper, textile, automotive and metal finishers. Food grade defoamers available.

Filter Aids

Unique products to improve filtration and dewatering rates. DE, Perlite and Cellulose Filter Aids to improve filtration and dewatering rates.

Activated Carbon and Organoclay

Powdered and granular products for removal of highly soluble contaminants including BOD, COD, pesticides, PCBs and colors.

Odor Control Agents

A variety of chemicals and systems to control obnoxious odors. Products to control sulfide, sulfur and anaerobic/septic based odors.


AriKleen cleaners for all situations including RO and UF. AriKleen product line includes general purpose, degreasers, alkaline, acidic and chlorinated cleaners.

Oxidizing and Reducing Agents

Aries offers a variety of oxidizing and reducing agents for applications such as hexavalent chromium reduction and sulfide and chlorine oxidation.

Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals

Deposit & Scale control Corrosion control, Oxygen Scavengers, Condensate return line corrosion inhibitors, Descalers, Boiler pretreatment and feed equipment, and Defoamers.

Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals

Deposit & Corrosion control, Microbiocides, Dispersants, Descalers, and Feed equipment.

Membrane Chemicals

UF & MF pretreatment chemicals, RO & NF pretreatment chemicals, Antiscalents and Dispersants, Microbiocides, and MemKleen Cleaners.

Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems & Equipment

Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems

Design, build and installation of complete water treatment system for wastewater treatment and recycle & reuse. Capability for providing wastewater treatment systems for primary and secondary wastewater treatment and recycle & reuse.

Dissolved Air Flotation Clarifier (DAF)

Raw water, fats, oils & grease (FOG), secondary biosolids, mineral separation, pulp & paper save-all, paint industrial water treatment equipment and systems. Dissolved Air Flotation System Technical Bulletin.

Inclined Plate Clarifier (IPC)

Inclined plate clarifier system for raw water, heavy metals, sand & gravel. Inclined Plate Clarifier Technical Bulletin.

Gravity Clarifier

Gravity clarifier wastewater filter press for industrial raw water, heavy metal removal, sand & gravel, secondary biosolids. Gravity Clarifier Technical Bulletin.

Filter Press

Wastewater solids dewatering, pigment separation, chemical separation. Filter Press System Technical Bulletin.

Rotary Drum Vacuum Filter (RDVF)

Wastewater solids dewatering, pigment separation and chemical separation. RDVF System Product Bulletin.


Plastic, fiberglass, mild & stainless steel, glass-lined wastewater treatment tanks.


Chemical feed pumps for wastewater treatment, transfer, sludge, plus other media.

Pressure Filters

Cartridge, Media, Bag and Activated Carbon filters for process separation, raw water, water recycle and wastewater treatment.


Sand, multi-media, activated carbon and organo-clay.

Cartridge Filters

Qualitative and absolute for pure water and process applications.

Controllers & PLC

Control systems including PLC, control panels, pH, ORP and conductivity controllers.

Ion Exchange Filtration

Ion exchange filtration systems, resin and equipment for softening, demineralization, plating bath regeneration, pure water, chemical processing, water reuse and wastewater treatment. Ion Exchange Systems Technical Bulletin.

Reverse Osmosis

Raw water treatment and pretreatment before demineralization. Process and industrial wastewater recycle systems. Reverse Osmosis (RO) Technical Bulletin.

Micro & Ultra Filtration

Micro and Ultra Filtration for process separation, pure water, water reuse and wastewater treatment. Micro/Ultra Filtration Systems Technical Bulletin.

Evaporator Systems

Evaporator systems to reduce industrial wastewater volumes. Aries Evaporator Systems Technical Bulletin.


Mechanical mixers designed for dry and liquid mixing applications. Mechanical mixers for process and water treatment.

Pure Water Systems

Carbon Filters

Activated carbon filters for organic and chlorine removal.

Water Softeners

Removes water hardness to reduce RO or NF membrane fouling.


Chemical or ultraviolet based disinfection systems.

Cleaning Systems

Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems for membrane filtration equipment.

Reverse Osmosis & Nano Filtration

Membrane systems for removal of dissolved solids Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Nano Filtration.

Micro & Ultra Filtration

Micro and Ultra Filtration for process separation, pure water, water reuse and wastewater treatment. Micro/Ultra Filtration Systems Technical Bulletin.

DI Exchange Systems

Deionization tank exchange and regeneration service for pure water.

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