Water Treatment Solutions

Water Treatment Services

As one of the leading water treatment companies providing services throughout the eastern US, we have a comprehensive and experienced service group to provide on-site assistance. This is in addition to our innovative water treatment chemicals, equipment and systems. We also provide installation, system start-up, maintenance and other support for to ensure the water solution you choose is running effectively at your facility. Aries Service Technicians are trained to operate, maintain and trouble-shoot all types of water treatment equipment and systems.

At Aries Chemical, we provide any service level you require: from as-needed emergency service all the way to contract operations seven days a week. Our water treatment services are custom tailored to meet your requirements and reduce your costs.


  • Calibration Services – Instrument calibration and repair for your water treatment system.
  • Mechanical Services – Maintenance and repair services to make sure your systems operate efficiently all the time.
  • Membrane System Cleaning & Servicing – On-site membrane system cleaning and servicing. Aries service technicians are trained to troubleshoot Reverse Osmosis membrane, Nano filtration and Ultrafiltration systems.
  • Operation of Water Treatment Systems & Utilities – Aries Contract Operations group can run your water treatment systems and let you focus on your basic business.
  • Media Filter Changeout Services – Aries Service Group provides onsite media change outs and rebedding.
  • Equipment Repair – On- or off-site repair of water treatment equipment.
  • Ion Exchange Regeneration – Aries provides ion exchange tank regeneration and service. Pure, process and wastewater ion exchange regeneration capabilities available.

We also provide a full line of water treatment technical services.

For more information, contact Aries Chemical or call (315) 346-1489. As an innovative water treatment company, we’re leading the industry when it comes to wastewater treatment, pulp and paper chemicals, industrial cleaners and more.