Evaporator Systems

Aries designs, manufactures and distributes Evaporator Systems for a variety of wastewater treatment applications. These applications include all types of wastewater solutions ranging from mild mop waters generated from floor washers to corrosive metal finishing and etching wastewaters. Aries supplies two standard evaporator designs: The CorrProtec and RunDry Evaporators. In addition Aries can design custom evaporators for unique applications.

The CorrProtec Evaporation System is designed to efficiently evaporate waste waters and remove the settled solids buildup from the evaporator tank bottom. A submerged burner tube fires below the solution level providing 95%+ energy efficiency. The hot gases contact with the liquid creating instantaneous vapors. The combustion gasses rapidly mix the liquid for uniform heat distribution throughout the vessel. The burner tube orifices are positioned below 180 deg. allowing the tube to be continuously self purging. The CorrProtec Evaporators unique construction is ideal for aggressive corrosive waste solutions.

The RunDry Evaporator is a run dry system that can reduce your wastewater to a dry cake. It is ideal for situations where a high solids waste is desired. The RunDry Evaporator can be manufactured with specifically designed alloys for most aggressive and corrosive wastewater solutions.

The advantage of using Aries Evaporator Systems is that they can be custom designed for your unique applications. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Evaporator System Applications

evaporator system

Aries Evaporator Systems can be custom designed to meet specific end use requirements.

Aries Evaporator System Features

  • High and low level safety shut down capabilities
  • Specially designed materials to meet customer specifications
  • PLC controls
  • Skid mounted designs for easy installation
  • High temperature shut down controls
  • Specially designed tanks for easy cleanout
  • Simplified controls for easy use
  • Comprehensive limited warranty
  • Complete system automation available
  • 1-200 gallon per hour systems
  • Pretreatment options available: membrane, activated carbon, filters
  • Post treatment options available: decant systems, filter presses

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