Water And Wastewater Treatment Equipment

At Aries Chemical, our commitment is to provide practical, effective solutions for water and wastewater treatment. Our equipment lineup is engineered to meet your demands with precision and reliability. Our most popular equipment includes:

Dissolved Air Flotation Clarifier (DAF): Efficiently remove suspended solids with our DAF systems. Our clarifiers are designed for optimal performance, ensuring effective water clarification that aligns with industry standards.

Inclined Plate Clarifier (IPC): Achieve high-efficiency solid-liquid separation with our IPC units. Designed for reliability, these clarifiers maximize surface area for enhanced sedimentation, offering a dependable solution for wastewater treatment.

Gravity Clarifier: Our gravity clarifiers prioritize simplicity and reliability for efficient settling of suspended solids. These cost-effective solutions find application in various water treatment scenarios.

Filter Press: Optimize solid-liquid separation with our practical filter press technology. Suitable for industrial and municipal applications, our filter presses deliver consistent results and facilitate straightforward sludge disposal.

Rotary Drum Vacuum Filter (RDVF): Efficiently dewater sludge with our RDVF units. These rotary drum filters offer a reliable solution for sludge management, reducing disposal costs and environmental impact.

Tanks (Storage and Process): Explore our range of versatile tanks tailored to diverse storage and treatment needs. From chemical storage to process tanks, our solutions prioritize durability and optimal performance.

Mixers: Achieve homogenous mixing in various treatment processes with our range of mixers. Our solutions ensure uniform distribution of chemicals, enhancing overall treatment efficiency.

Reverse Osmosis: Achieve unparalleled water purification with our reverse osmosis systems. These advanced units remove contaminants, producing pure water for a range of industrial and municipal applications.

Micro & Ultra Filtration: Our micro and ultrafiltration systems provide fine filtration, ensuring the removal of microscopic particles and impurities. Experience enhanced water quality with these practical solutions.

Pumps: Experience reliable and efficient fluid transfer with our high-performance pumps. From sewage handling to chemical dosing, our pumps are designed to meet the demands of rigorous industrial applications.

Backwashing Media Filters: Ensure consistent water quality with our backwashing media filters. These filters provide effective removal of impurities, offering a sustainable solution for water treatment.

Bag and Cartridge Filters: Opt for precision filtration with our bag and cartridge filters. Designed for ease of use and maintenance, our filters guarantee high-quality water in diverse applications.

pH and Conductivity Controllers: Maintain optimal water conditions with our pH and conductivity controllers. Our advanced control systems ensure precise adjustment of water parameters, contributing to efficient treatment processes.

Ion Exchange Filtration: Experience advanced water purification with our ion exchange filtration systems. These solutions effectively remove ions, ensuring the production of high-quality water for your specific needs.

Sludge Dryers: Optimize sludge management with our efficient sludge dryers. These units reduce sludge volume, offering cost-effective and environmentally friendly disposal solutions.

Evaporators: Our evaporators provide efficient water removal, concentrating solutions and minimizing waste. Experience resource efficiency with our straightforward evaporator technology.

Control Panels and PLC: Ensure seamless operation and monitoring with our advanced control panels and programmable logic controllers (PLC). These systems enhance automation, contributing to the overall efficiency of your treatment processes.

Discover the proven solutions offered by Aries Chemical in water and wastewater treatment. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and explore effective approaches to sustainable water management.

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