What Water Treatment Solution Do You Need?

Aries Chemical, Inc. is a leader in pulp and paper chemicals, water treatment systems, industrial cleaners, sanitizers and more.

Water Treatment, Wastewater and Cooling Water Chemicals: Water treatment and process chemicals for a host of industrial application:

Water Treatment Equipment: From single component to a complete system for your needs, Aries Chemical provides the engineering and design components required to create a process design to meet your application needs from start to finish.

Aries Technology Services

  • Aries Service Group – On-site service for installation, system start-up, maintenance and operation of water treatment systems.
  • Water Treatment Technical Services – Aries Chemical, Inc. provides full scale evaluations and complete services for water and wastewater treatment.

Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems

Water Treatment Products And Applications – List of all Aries Chemical Products and Systems

About Us – Read more about Aries Products and Services

Capabilities – Aries capabilities include on-site service, chemical storage, trucking and trailer mounted water treatment systems. Check out pictures of some of our water treatment solutions.

Markets Served – As an innovative wastewater treatment company find out the markets we serve. We’re not just a leader in the food and beverage, stone cutting and paper making industries. Learn more.

Careers – Come see what job openings are currently available.

News – Read about Aries Chemical and the latest industry news.


Case Histories – Review our actual case histories of actual industrial applications for reverse osmosis, cooling water treatment, and other water treatment systems and equipment.

Contact – Contact us for more information on products and services.

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