Pulp & Paper Sizing Agents

Aries offers a full range of sizing agents for paper and paperboard manufacturing. Aries product line includes surface and internal sizing chemistries to help papermakers improve water holdout, printing properties and fluid repellency. Aries has the sizing agents to help you meet the performance standard for your end use application. Our internal sizing agents come in a number of chemical compositions including alkyl ketene dimer (AKD) size, alkenyl succinic anhydride (ASA) size, rosin and wax size to provide superior hydrophobicity, retention and distribution in acid, neutral or alkaline sizing environments. Aries surface sizing agents includes a variety of starch, wax and latex emulsion based products that improve the printing characteristics, water resistance and oil resistance of papers. Aries is able to bring you the different internal and surface sizing agents to help you meet your goals for end-use functions, adapt to different printing technologies and have better machine run ability and performance.

Internal Sizing

  • ASA (alkenyl succinic anhydride) internal sizes, varying molecular weight
  • AKD (alkyl ketene dimer) internal sizes, varying charge chemistry
  • Rosin based internal sizes
  • Wax based internal sizes

Surface Sizing

  • Starch based surface sizes
  • Wax based surface sizes
  • Latex – emulsion based surface sizes

Sizing Applications and Benefits


  • Printing & copier paper
  • Liner board and corrugated
  • Food packaging
  • Liquid packaging


  • Improved printability
  • Water resistance
  • Oil and grease resistance
  • Coating and adhesive holdout

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