Pumps & Pump Skids

Aries offers a comprehensive selection of pumps engineered to meet the diverse needs of water, wastewater, and chemical treatment applications. From transferring viscous fluids to dosing chemicals, our pumps and custom pump skids are designed for reliability, efficiency, and durability in demanding industrial environments. Explore our range of pump solutions below.

Metering Pumps

Our metering pumps offer precise and accurate dosing of chemicals and additives in water treatment processes, ensuring optimal treatment performance and regulatory compliance. These pumps are equipped with advanced control features and adjustable stroke mechanisms for precise flow rate control. Key features include:

  • Digital display and control interfaces
  • Programmable dosing profiles and alarms
  • Low-maintenance design for reduced downtime
  • Compatibility with a wide range of chemicals and additives
  • Enhanced control for accurate dosing

Centrifugal pumps

Aries provides a wide range of centrifugal pumps suitable for various fluid handling applications, including water transfer, chemical dosing, and slurry pumping. Our centrifugal pumps are available in different configurations, including end suction, inline, and self-priming designs, to meet specific performance requirements. Key features include:

  • High-efficiency impellers for energy savings
  • Corrosion-resistant materials for extended service life
  • Seal options for handling abrasive or corrosive fluids
  • Variable speed drives for flow control and energy optimization

Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

Our air driven double diaphragm pumps offer precise and reliable fluid pumping capabilities, making them ideal for transfer, metering, dosing, and chemical injection applications. These pumps feature a reciprocating diaphragm that creates a pulsating flow, ensuring accurate dosing and minimal maintenance requirements. Highlights include:

  • Self-priming and dry-running capabilities
  • Adjustable flow rates and pressure settings
  • Chemically resistant diaphragm materials
  • Versatile design suitable for a wide range of fluids and chemicals
  • Reliable performance for various applications

Progressive Cavity Pumps

Our progressive cavity pumps provide exceptional fluid transfer solutions, perfect for a wide range of industrial applications. Whether you need to transfer highly viscous fluids or delicate shear-sensitive materials, progressive cavity pumps deliver reliable and efficient performance every time. Key features include:

  • Ability to handle shear-sensitive and viscous fluids
  • Constructed with durable materials for long-lasting performance
  • Steady and uniform flow for precise dosing and metering
  • Self-priming and reversible operation for versatile usage

Submersible Pumps

Aries’ submersible pumps are specifically designed for submerged operation in wastewater and sewage applications, providing efficient and reliable pumping performance in harsh environments. These pumps feature robust construction and specialized impeller designs to handle solids, debris, and abrasive materials effectively. Features include:

  • Motor protection features for extended service life
  • Automatic level control options for unattended operation
  • High-efficiency motors for energy savings
  • Configurable discharge options for versatile installation

Aries is dedicated to providing reliable pump solutions tailored to your specific application requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our pump offerings and discover how we can optimize your water and wastewater treatment processes.

For inquiries or assistance, please call us at (315) 346-1489 or reach out via email.

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