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Paper Machine Analysis Case Study

Deposit control material keeps paper machines working A recycled tissue mill was experiencing difficulty in keeping the primary and secondary screens clean and deposit free. Due to the nature of the recycled furnish in this facility, the two Primary and one Reject Screen would foul and blind over within 3 – 4 weeks run time. The screen fouling was so severe it necessitated off-line cleaning by pulling the baskets and using high pressure water guns…

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Defoamer Solves a Multitude of Problems at Papermill

After a significant raw material change a specialty paper mill making a variety of industrial grade products struggled with excessive foam in its white water and wastewater systems. The excessive foam contributed to safety and environmental issues. At times, excessive foam would spill onto the floor creating a slippery and unsafe condition. On certain grades, excessive foam generation carried through into the wastewater treatment lagoons. And sometimes this foam would blow off the property which…

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