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Wastewater Equipment Enables Slaughterhouse To Increase Production

A pork slaughterhouse business that has been a long time Aries customer had experienced a significant business increase. The increased production resulted in the need to upgrade the plant’s wastewater treatment system. Aries was asked to engineer and provide upgraded wastewater equipment. Aries had supplied chemicals to the customer since 1995, designed, built and supplied a DAF in 2005 and designed and supplied an activated sludge system in 2010. Aries Engineering and Equipment Group was…

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Aries Biological Wastewater Treatment Systems

Meat Processor Activated Sludge System Aries designed and supplied components for an activated sludge system for a meat processor needing to reduce their final effluent’s BOD concentration. Prior to the upgrade the meat processor operated a primary DAF for wastewater treatment. Aries designed the activated sludge system for 100,000 gals / day of process wastewater. The activated sludge system was installed to treat the primary DAF effluent. The upgraded system included an 134,000 gals activated…

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Magnesium Hydroxide for Biological Treatment of Wastewater

Activated Sludge and Nitrification Processes at a Chicken Processing Plant A Midwestern Chicken processing plant generates approximately 2.0 million gallons of process wastewater per day high in BOD, Oil & Grease and Ammonia. Wastewater is processed utilizing both primary and secondary treatment. Secondary treatment is a two stage activated sludge system utilizing an anoxic zone as the first stage. Single stage nitrification is utilized to convert ammonia to nitrates. Caustic Soda was historically used to control…

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Reverse Osmosis System (RO)

A food processor contracted with Aries Chemical to review the feasibility of using membrane technology to reduce their steam boiler energy costs. Aries performed an energy audit at their facility that projected substantial energy savings by utilizing a Reverse Osmosis Membrane system for boiler feed water treatment. The food processor was using softened water as make-up water. Boiler cycles of concentration were limited to approximately 8.5 cycles. RO make-up water would allow the boiler water…

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