Aries Starts Up New Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) Clarifier at Cheese Processor

Aries recently built and started up a new 200 gpm Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) Clarifier at a Cheese Processor. The DAF was installed to allow the facility to meet a new phosphorous discharge limit. The DAF used coagulants and polymer flocculants to clarify biological solids from an extended aeration lagoon and precipitate phosphorous.

dissolved air floatation system at cheese processor

Aries DAF producing clarified wastewater at Cheese Processor

The DAF is designed to operate at 200 gpm with a 1,000 mg/l TSS loading. It is constructed with 304 SS to provide optimum corrosion resistance. Aries supplied the chemical feed and control system for coagulant, polymer flocculant and to control pH. A serpentine chemical injection header and mixing system was used due to space limitations at the plant.

dissolved air floatation system Aries facility

Aries DAF under construction at Aries Fabrication Facility

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