Aries Chemical Filter Aids

Aries Chemical offers a full line of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) and Perlite filter aids for process and wastewater applications. Filter aids are widely used to aid filtration by increasing flow rate through a filter cake while producing a high-quality filtrate. Utilizing filter aids like Diatomaceous Earth and Perlite will result in optimum throughput and help achieve maximum liquid clarity. They are also used to aid difficult to dewater slurries in process and wastewater treatment applications.

Aries Filter Aid applications include:

  • Food & Beverage – Juices, beers, wines, sweeteners, oils, syrups and honey
  • Drinking water filtration
  • Pharmaceuticals – Enzymes, antibiotics and Epsom salt
  • Industrial – Biodiesel, sizing, oil and solvent recovery, greases and wastewater
  • Chemicals – Inorganic and organic chemicals, resins, polymers, brine,
    adhesives, fertilizers and wastewater
  • Paints & Coatings – waxes, oils, varnish, gums and shellac
  • Environmental – Stormwater and wastewater filtration, ecology embankments and
    media filter drains

Aries Chemical’s Technical Representatives and Technical Group can help you develop the optimum filtration process. Aries can perform laboratory testing to select the best product and equipment for your application.

Aries Filter Aids are used in a variety of equipment configurations including:

Aries offers Food Chemical Codex and NSF certified for drinking water DE and Perlite filter aids.

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