Condensate Return Line Corrosion Inhibitors

Aries Chemical offers a full line of condensate return line corrosion inhibitors to help optimize boiler / steam generation performance. Controlling condensate systems is critical to maintaining optimum boiler performance by preventing corrosion products from entering and depositing in the boiler. Condensate line corrosion is most often caused by carbonic acid that forms when carbon dioxide (CO2) in the steam condensates.

Aries’ product line includes both neutralizing and filming amines. Neutralizing amines neutralize carbonic acid along with other acidic steam components. Neutralizing amines are volatile and are carried throughout the steam lines, so they are available for carbonic acid neutralization as the steam condenses.

Filming amines function by making a film barrier that protects metal surfaces from corrosive condensate products. Filming amines form a non- wettable surface in the condensate system and provide protection against oxygen, ammonium and carbonic acid attacks.

Proper condensate line treatment provides the following benefits

  • Minimizes condensate line corrosion
  • Prevents corrosion products from returning to the boiler
  • Minimizes iron fouling in boiler
  • Maximizes energy efficiency by allowing condensate to be reused

Aries Chemical’s Technical Representatives are trained to develop a boiler water system treatment program to minimize and control corrosion, deposit and scale formation. Aries will develop a boiler water treatment program that includes the protection of pretreatment equipment, economizers, boilers, turbines & condensate systems.

Aries boiler condensate line corrosion inhibitor chemistries

  • Cyclohexylamine (Cyclo)
  • Morpholine (Morph)
  • Diethylaminoethanol (DEAE)
  • Dimethlyisopropanolamine (DMPO)
  • Methoxypropylamine (MOPA)
  • Filming amines

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