Aries Wet Strength Additives For Paper

Aries product line includes a comprehensive line of wet strength additives for paper making. Aries wet strength offerings include traditional chemistry as well as the most advanced low and ultra-low AOX (absorbable halogenated substances), DCP (1.3-dichloro-2-propanol), and mCPD (3-monochloro-1.2-propanediol) environmentally conscious material. Aries wet strength products are designed to optimize strength in tissue, packaging, printing and specialty paper. These wet strength additives provide the paper maker with the tools to optimize end use properties at the lowest cost. In addition to enhancing strength Aries offer a variety of specialty chemistries that provide versatile strength characteristics to help improve productivity, overall sheet quality and profitability.

Wet Strength Benefits

  • Improved Permanent Wet Strength
  • Improved Charge Balance
  • Reduced Fiber Costs
  • Improved Dry Strength
  • Increased Crepe Control
  • Improved Drainage and Retention
  • Overall Machine Runnability Impact

Wet Strength Chemistries

  • Traditional PAE (Polyamide Epichlorohydrin)
  • G2.5 PAAE (Cationic Polyamidoamine Resin)
  • G3 PAAE (Cationic Polyamidoamine Resin)
  • Polyacrylamide

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