Polymers For Pulp & Paper Industry

If you want to optimize drainage and retention for the purpose of improved sheet properties, paper machine efficiency or cost of operation through reduced additives, we can help. Our broad line of polymers will work with most wet end chemistry and over a broad pH range. Our attention to safety and the environment are what we do daily.

Technical Expertise

Aries technical specialists have the experience and the knowledge to accomplish your performance objectives.

Creative Application Technology

Treating every mill as unique has allowed us to bring many new polymer applications to papermaking.

Total Mill Knowledge

The knowledge we obtain from working closely with you enables us to balance the wet-end chemistry so that your production and quality goals can be met.

Service and Commitment

Aries has been improving quality service to the pulp and paper industry for over 15 years. This is our commitment to you.


Aries Chemical Polymer Applications:

  • Dye Fixation
  • Anti-Static Agents
  • Stickies Control
  • Retention & Drainage Aids
  • Saveall Clarification
  • Dissolved Air Flotation Aids
  • Wastewater Clarification
  • Sludge Dewatering
  • Green Liquor Clarification
  • White Liquor Clarification
  • Pitch Control
  • Influent Clarification
  • Anionic Charge Scavenging
  • Charge Modification
  • Effluent Color Removal
  • Sludge Conditioning

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