Pulp & Paper Biocides

Microbiological growth which is usually referred to as “slime” can cause numerous problems on a paper machine: breaks, unscheduled boil outs, holes and odors in products. Aries Chemical’s biocide program will keep your paper machine running at peak efficiency by controlling unwanted microbiological growth.

Technical Expertise

Aries technical specialists have the experience and knowledge to recommend and then help you apply the correct biocide program for your paper machine and water system.

Application Technology

Each mill and paper machine presents a unique environment for microbiological growth. Aries Chemical’s technical specialists have the experience to design the best, lowest cost biocide application program for your mill.

Aries Biocides Prevent

  • Breaks
  • Unscheduled boil outs
  • Slime spots
  • Holes
  • Odors in products
  • Damage to metals
  • Loss of additives
  • Production of dangerous gases
  • Customer complaints

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