Pulp & Paper: Aries Defoamers

Entrained air, foam, and bubbles have caused production problems on paper machines for years. Does
foam affect your paper production? How much does it cost you? Aries Chemical Defoamer line can solve
your foam problems cost-effectively and can increase your paper production.

Product Selection

Selecting the correct defoamer is critical on all grades of paper. Advantages of accurate production selection include:

  • Better drainage
  • Improved formation
  • Improved Scott Bond burst and Mullen tests
  • Reduction of stickies deposition
  • Improved sizing efficiency
  • Reduced defoamer usage

The correct product chemistry and application technology will ensure a productive program that will help you increase the production of your machine.

Aries Chemical’s Defoamers Offers Mill-Wide Customer Advantages

Production advantages and Benefits of Aries Defoamer Program

  • Reduced entrained air: Reduction in pinholes; Increased machine speed; Decreased dryer steam costs
  • Reduction of internal sheet moisture: Increased plybonding
  • Reduction in defoamer use: Reduced sizing costs
  • Wet-end foam reduction: Increased quality tons due to reduction in foam-related defects
  • Improved stock cleaner efficiencies: Increased quality tons
  • Reduced defoamer cost: Reduced cost/ton
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