Pulp & Paper: Dye Fixatives

Aries’ AriFix products are a comprehensive line of dye fixatives for anionic dye stuffs and pigments. AriFix products improve dye fixation, reduce dye costs, improve color intensity & uniformity. They also minimize color related machine cleaning and wastewater treatment issues. AriFix products for dye fixation are available in a range of chemistries, molecular weight and concentrations. Laboratory testing is recommended for proper chemistry selection and application rates. Aries technical sales group is trained to develop the best dye retention program at the lowest cost. Aries can provide on-site or laboratory testing to select the best program for your application.

AriFix Dye Fixatives Benefits

  • Better retention of dyes
  • Reduce dye costs
  • Improved color control
  • Improved machine cleaning and grade changes
  • Reduce wastewater treatment color removal issues

AriFix Dye Fixative Chemistries

  • Dicyano resin
  • polyamine
  • Reactive resin

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