Aries Dry Strength Additives For Paper

Aries offers a comprehensive line of dry strength additives for paper making. Aries dry strength chemistry includes a variety of natural and synthetic products designed to optimize strength in tissue, packaging, printing and specialty paper. These dry strength additives provide the paper maker with the tools to optimize end use properties at the lowest cost. In addition to enhancing strength Aries’ dry strength chemistries can improve drainage and system charge chemistry to help improve productivity, overall sheet quality and profitability.

Dry Strength Benefits

  • Improved Dry and Temporary Wet Strength
  • Improved Tensile, Burst and Internal Bond Strength
  • Reduced Fiber Costs
  • Reduced Basis Weight
  • Improved Drainage and Retention
  • Reduced Microbiological Exposure

Aries technical sales group is trained to develop the best dry strength program at the lowest cost. Aries can provide on-site or laboratory testing to select the best program for your application and design and supply automated dosing systems.

Dry Strength Chemistries

  • Natural and Synthetic
  • Starch
  • GPAM’s
  • Cationic, anionic and amphoteric
  • Polyacrylamide

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