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Aries production chemicals for oil and gas fields have been developed to meet our customers’ unique needs. The oilfield production chemical industry experience of our Oil and Gas Group allows us to provide our customers with innovative and cost effective solutions. We provide everything from specialty chemicals and custom blending to chemical performance monitoring in the field. Aries Oil and Gas Group supplies and manages chemical applications and services in crude oil and natural gas production, water disposal, produced water and flowback water reclamation, pipeline gathering/transmission systems, and gas processing.

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Product and Application Information For Oil And Gas Industry

Emulsion Breakers

Aries Chemical supplies a broad range of emulsion breakers for oil fluids, tank bottoms, produced water treatment, and disposal wells. Aries emulsion breakers are specifically formulated to handle a variety of fluid conditions and applications. Based upon a review of your system and product testing, Aries can recommend the appropriate emulsion breaker to improve your process or handle a specific problem.


Aries supplies a full range of antiscalants for the oil & gas industry. Aries antiscalants provide scale control over a variety of severe conditions including high hardness, high temperature, and high total dissolved solids. Aries antiscalant line products control iron, strontium, and barium based scale, among others.

Corrosion Inhibitors

Aries oil & gas corrosion inhibitors include a broad range of products. Aries corrosion inhibitors are designed for a variety of applications including reinjection wells, gas plants, refineries, transportation lines, and barges. Aries corrosion inhibitors reduce costs and extend the working life of capital assets such as process equipment, pipelines and storage tanks.


Aries Biocide line includes oxidizing and non-oxidizing micro-biocides for the control of bacteria found in and around oilfield applications. Aries biocides control aerobic, anaerobic, acid producing and sulfate reducing bacteria. Aries Chemical provides micro-biocide studies to select of the best treatment program, tailoring the microbiocide program to meet each system’s unique requirements.

Coagulants & Flocculants

Aries provides a full range of inorganic and organic coagulants as well as flocculants for the oil & gas and refining industry. Applications include mud dewatering, oil/water separation, flowback water recycling, and produced water treatment.


Aries complete defoamer line is designed to effectively treat foaming problems across a broad spectrum of oil & gas industry applications.

Oxygen Scavengers

Aries oxygen scavengers provide effective oxygen control for the oil & gas industry. Effective application of Aries oxygen scavengers provides the low oxygen concentrations necessary to protect topside equipment, injection wells and flow lines from oxidative corrosion.

Water Treatment

Aries has an extensive line of water treatment products for the oil & gas industry. Aries water treatment products include coagulants & flocculants for clarification, recovery, and sludge dewatering.

Friction Reducers

Aries offers friction reducers for a wide variety of conditions. Friction reducers help increase flow rate of produced fluids. Aries friction reducers also increase water injection rates for disposal or enhanced production with no need for increased pressures.

Gel Breakers

Aries gel breakers are designed to handle a variety of gels. Oxidizing and non-oxidizing gels available.

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