Foundry Saves Thousands Each Month with Aries Chemical Water Treatment Program

A grey metal foundry was experiencing excessive down-time, poor product quality and maintenance costs due to scale formation in one of their blast furnace cooling water systems. The foundry had chosen to stop treating this cooling water system, because it believed that the cost of water treatment chemicals was not justified. This application used approximately 70,000 gallons of water per day. The make-up water’s total hardness was 225 mg/l. The cooling water application is high stress with water temperatures surpassing 150 degrees F.

Without water treatment chemicals being added to this system, the foundry was replacing an average of two tuyeres per month at an average cost of $4,000 per month. Calcium carbonate scale formed in the tuyeres and reduced the heat transfer rate to the point that product quality was detrimentally affected. The scaling problem also increased maintenance costs and caused increased costs due to extended production downtime.

The foundry asked Aries Chemical to develop an economically feasible solution to their cooling water system issues. We performed an extensive system survey that included water chemistry and deposit analysis. Then we designed a specially formulated chemical treatment program to treat this high stress cooling water system. The application of our water treatment products resulted in the elimination of the scale problem and associated heat transfer problems. All told, the program provided a $3,100 net savings per month to the foundry in reduced tuyere replacement alone. Product quality problems associated with poor heat transfer in the blast furnace were eliminated as well as costs associated with increased maintenance and downtime.

All of Aries Chemical’s Cooling Water products are custom designed specifically for your cooling water system and conditions with the goal of maintaining a scale, corrosion and deposit-free cooling system. If you currently have scale problems, we will design a program to eliminated scale, improve heat transfer and optimize your system.

For further information on our chemical water treatment programs, contact your Aries Chemical Representative or the main office at (315) 346-1489. Also view a printable version of this Cooling Water Treatment Chemical Case Study

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