Reverse Osmosis System Saves Food Processor Energy Costs

A food processor contracted with Aries Chemical to review the feasibility of using membrane technology to reduce their steam boiler energy costs. Aries performed an energy audit at their facility that projected substantial energy savings by utilizing a Reverse Osmosis Membrane system for boiler feed water treatment. The food processor was using softened water as make-up water. Boiler cycles of concentration were limited to approximately 8.5 cycles. RO make-up water would allow the boiler water to be cycled up to approximately 50 cycles of concentration.

Aries’ feasibility study projected an 18 month project pay-back based upon energy savings. The food processor contracted with Aries Chemical to design, build and install a one-pass RO system to pretreat their boiler make-up water. The table below details the 46,000 ft3/day natural gas savings.

Boiler Operating Performance before RO installationBoiler Operating Performance with RO make-up water
Steam Production1,060,000 lbs/day1,060,000 lbs/day
Pressure180 psi180 psi
Cycles of Concentration8.5 cycles50 cycles
Blowdown141,000 lbs/day21,000 lbs/day
Reduction in blowdownNA120,000 lbs/day
Daily Natural Gas savingsNA46,000 cubic ft/day

Project Responsibilities

Technical responsibilities for design, fabrication and installation were assumed by Aries Chemical. Aries’ responsibilities were as follows:

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