Aries Chemical Helps Hospital Solve Boiler Water Treatment Problems

A hospital’s annual boiler inspection showed a worsening scale problem on its boiler tubes. The scale was a safety and energy concern. Boiler tube scale can cause boiler tube failure. Moreover, boiler tube scale reduces heat transfer thus increases fuel demand and energy costs. See the below table showing the cost of boiler scale.

The hospital contacted Aries Chemical to review the boiler water chemical treatment program. Aries conducted a full audit that included a physical survey, water and scale analysis. Aries audit found several issues that needed to be addressed. Those issues included a defective water softener, an inadequate treatment program and poor oversight of the boiler water treatment program.

hospital boiler water treatment equipment

Aries made several recommendations to address the hospital’s boiler water treatment problems.

  • A new softener control head as a low-cost solution to the softener problem
  • A best in class Walchem conductivity controller to provide automatic boiler water blow-down for conductivity control
  • An improved antiscalant and on-line scale removal program
  • An on-site service program provided by an Aries Technician to oversee the water treatment program

The hospital implemented Aries recommendations. The new softener head produced consistent
softened water for boiler make up. Aries’ recommended on-line scale clean-up program removed
the boiler tube scale without the need for an expensive off-line cleaning. Finally, Aries’ on-site
service program provided the oversight that allowed the Hospital to maintain good boiler water
treatment quality. Aries’ service program allowed the Hospital’s overloaded maintenance staff to
focus on other pressing demands.

Effects of Scale Deposits in Boilers

Fuel Cost Increases Due to Boiler Scale

boiler scale fuel cost chart

Results of tests made by University of Illinois and the U.S. Bureau of Standards.

For further information on Aries’s solutions for the healthcare industry, contact your Aries Chemical Representative or the Beaver Falls office at (315) 346-1489. Also view a printable version of this Boiler Water Treatment Solution For Hospital case study.

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