Fully Automated Filter Press System

Aries designed and installed a fully automatic filter press for a stone cutting operation that typically operates with 50 to 60 filter press cycles per day. The filter press dewaters on average 330 ft3 per day. A bluestone cutting facility was seeking solutions on how to handle the increased solids generated by its rapid expansion. The bluestone cutting facility operates a closed loop water treatment system that recycles the water used as a lubricant and coolant for stone cutting saws.

automated filter press plate pack

Automated Filter Press Plate Pack

The automated filter press system is PLC controlled. The press cycle’s time and pressure can be adjusted by the operator for process optimization. At the dewatering cycle’s end the filter plate pack is opened by an automatic plate shifter. As the plates are separated a second mechanism moves the plates vertically to help the filter cakes release from the filter clothes.

The bluestone cutting facility operated 7 days a week needing to process approximately 200 gals per minute of water. In addition to the filter press system, Aries designed and installed a water clarification system. The solids generated from the water clarification system are dewatered by the filter press. The water clarification system included chemical feed and control equipment and a gravity clarifier.

dewatered filter cakes

Dewatered Filter Cakes

stainless steel gravity clarifier

Stainless Steel Gravity Clarifier

For further information on our automated filter press systems, contact your Aries Chemical Representative or the Beaver Falls office @ (315) 346-1489. Also view a printable version of this Fully Automated Filter Press System Case Study.

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