Paper Machine Analysis Case Study

Deposit control material keeps paper machines working

A recycled tissue mill was experiencing difficulty in keeping the primary and secondary screens clean and deposit free. Due to the nature of the recycled furnish in this facility, the two Primary and one Reject Screen would foul and blind over within 3 – 4 weeks run time. The screen fouling was so severe it necessitated off-line cleaning by pulling the baskets and using high pressure water guns to remove the deposits. Screen cleaning caused unscheduled paper machine downtime. In addition, Fiber loss and increased energy costs were experienced up to the point of screen failure.

Aries Chemical performed deposit analysis to determine their composition. Aries recommended a specially formulated AriKleen dispersant. This product is designed to help loosen and disperse deposits caused by typical recycled fiber contaminants such as wet strength, pitch, calcium carbonate and clay. The AriKleen dispersant application allowed the mill to run for 7 weeks which matched their regularly scheduled paper machine maintenance outages. An additional AriKleen benefit was that the screens could be cleaned with standard mill hoses.

Paper mill screen deposit controll


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