Aries Installs Blended Water Softening System for Cooling Water

Aries Chemical was contacted by a beverage manufacturer to solve their cooling water scaling problems. The beverage producer used well water for its cooling water systems. The well water was high hardness (approximately 200 ppm total hardness as CaCO3). The manufacturer used an older water softener to remove its well water hardness prior use as cooling water make up. The water softener was outdated and failed to consistently produce soft water. This make up water quality inconsistency lead to severe cooling water scale problems.

Aries recommended and designed a softening system to produce “blended” softened water at approximately 50 ppm total hardness as CaCO3. This water quality is excellent quality for their evaporative cooling water system. It can be cycled up to minimize water and cooling water chemical usage while controlling corrosion and scale.

blended water softening system

Alternating Dual Tank 300,000 Grain Water Softener

Aries designed and installed a 300,000-grain alternating dual tank softening system to produce the blended softened water. Depending on cooling water demand the softener system typically operates between 10 and 20 gpm. The improved water quality allowed the cooling water system to operate at optimum cycles thus conserving water and cooling water treatment chemicals consumption while controlling scale and corrosion rates.

For further information on our equipment and solutions for cooling water, contact your Aries Chemical Representative or the Beaver Falls office at (315) 346-1489. Also view a printable version of this Blended Water Softening System for Cooling Water Case Study.

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