AriKleen Felt Wash Increases Press Felt Life At Tissue Mill

A recycled tissue mill was experiencing difficulty in keeping its press felts clean and open. The mill had one machine that produced towel while the other machine produced tissue and napkin. The towel machine developed felt related runnability problems after only four weeks. The typical problems were sheet breaks and loss of machine speed. The tissue / napkin machine experienced sheet breaks when applying an “on the fly” felt wash with the same incumbent felt wash. Both machines used recycled fiber and PAE wet strength.

With our experience in providing chemical and equipment solutions to the paper and pulp industry, we were asked to help improve runnability on both machines. Aries performed a series of felt permeability scans, felt analysis and cleaning studies to understand both paper machines’ problems. Aries’ analysis and experience developing comprehensive paper machine cleaning programs found several interrelated problems. Based upon the problems’ sources Aries recommended an improved cleaning program.

Aries recommended an “on the fly” batch wash program utilizing an AriKleen felt cleaner designed for towel and tissue made with recycled fiber and PAE wet strength. The AriKleen felt cleaner selected is a moderately alkaline cleaner designed to remove deposits caused by wet strength, clay, calcium carbonate and other recycled fiber contaminants. The incumbent felt cleaner was being applied 5 times per day for 6 minutes. Aries AriKleen felt wash program allowed the mill to reduce cleaner usage and cost on both paper machines. The AriKleen application rate has been 3 times per day for 5 minutes. Furthermore, the new cleaning program has extended both paper machines’ felt lives to six to seven weeks.

paper machine felt cleaner

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