Boiler Deposit And Scale Control

Aries Chemical’s comprehensive boiler water treatment programs include deposit and scale controls that are based upon a complete survey of the boiler system. Aries Chemical will develop a boiler water treatment program that is designed to protect a boiler system’s equipment from deposits and scale. Maintaining deposit and scale free surfaces in a boiler system is critical to maximizing heat transfer and minimizing equipment failure. Boiler water chemical treatment is necessary to prevent or control scale and deposit formation. The formation of deposits and scale can cause tube failures, restrict circulation, reduce system efficiency and compromise your boiler system’s reliability.

Proper deposit and scale control provides the following benefits:

  • Maximizes heat transfer
  • Minimizes energy costs
  • Prevents tube failure
  • Minimizes maintenance costs

Effects of Scale and Deposits in Boilers

Effects of Scale and Deposits in Boilers

Results of tests made by University of Illinois and the U.S. Bureau of Standards.

Aries Chemical’s technical representatives are trained to develop a boiler water system treatment program to minimize and control deposit and scale formation. Aries will develop a boiler water system treatment program that includes protection of pre-treatment equipment, economizers, boilers, turbines & condensate systems.

Aries boiler deposit and scale control product lines include the following chemistries:

  • Chelant programs
  • Polymer programs
  • Phosphate programs
  • Chelant / Phosphate programs
  • Phosphate / Polymer programs

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