Boiler Corrosion Control

Aries Chemical’s boiler water treatment programs are carefully designed to provide corrosion control. A boiler, its pre-treatment, steam and condensate system require corrosion control to prevent pitting, the thinning of pipes and tube surfaces that can cause leaks and tube failures. Corrosion in these systems can also lead to corrosion products’ deposition, costly downtime and repairs.

Proper chemical addition and control in a boiler system’s pre-treatment, boiler, steam and condensate lines are critical to controlling corrosion. Aries Technical Sales and Technical Groups are trained to design the best chemical treatment program for a boiler system’s corrosion control.

Proper corrosion control provides the following benefits:

  • Maximizes heat transfer
  • Minimizes corrosion-based fouling and deposition
  • Minimizes pipe and tube failure
  • Minimizes maintenance costs

Aries Chemical’s Technical Representatives are trained to develop a boiler water system treatment program to minimize and control corrosion, deposit and scale formation. Aries will develop a boiler water treatment program that includes the protection of pre-treatment equipment, economizers, boilers, turbines and condensate systems.

Aries boiler corrosion control programs include the following chemistries:

  • Oxygen scavengers: sulfites, DEHA, Erythobic Acid, Carbohydrazide
  • Alkalinity control products
  • Condensate Treatment: non-filming and filming amines
  • Coordinated & congruent phosphate programs
  • FDA and Kosher approved chemistries

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