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From wastewater treatment equipment and systems, to pulp and paper chemicals, coagulants for wastewater treatment and industrial cleaners and sanitizers, Aries Chemical offers wastewater treatment solutions. Our core expertise is providing our customers with the best technical knowledge to select and apply the right water treatment chemicals, water treatment equipment or process aids for their unique situation. Founded in 1985, Aries Chemical has a complete line of water treatment chemicals and water treatment equipment for industrial, municipal and institutional customers for wastewater management. We also manufactures and provide onsite support for process aids for pulp & paper and industrial cleaners and sanitizers for all industrial applications. Aries Chemical has chosen to provide our customers with best products at good prices with the application know-how that provides the lowest cost solution.

Unique Position in the Water Treatment Industry

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Our business strategy is to provide excellent application and technical services with the sale of both water treatment equipment and water treatment chemicals. This is a unique position in the water treatment field. At Aries Chemical, we believe that this unique position allows us to have better insight and knowledge on how to design, recommend and support our customers’ water treatment needs. This strategy means that Aries Chemical has the unique capabilities to provide long term technical services and operational support to our customers.

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Aries Chemical: Water Treatment Chemicals, Equipment And Services

Aries Chemical: Water Treatment Chemicals, Equipment And Services